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New Book: Blooming in Broken Places

Blooming Cover FinalThe author, Deborah Malone, is no stranger to the trials of life that can rob a woman of her self-esteem and give her the false belief she is unworthy to be used by God. Deborah will take the reader along on her real-life journey from her early years when she became her mother’s caregiver, to the rocky years of caring for her severely disabled daughter, to the disappointment and trials of surviving an abusive marriage that left her broken and feeling worthless. But Deborah’s journey doesn’t stop there – through healing and coming to understand God’s love for us no matter where we are in our journey, Deborah will show how God continued to use her where she was, and she realized along the way that she could be an encouragement to others in the process.

The focus of this book will also be on women from the Bible whose lives were riddled with trials, temptations, and tribulations. No different from many women today who are left not feeling ‘good enough,’ Deborah will show a parallel to how God used her own life as well as women such as Miriam, Naomi, Abigail, Hannah, and others to his glory. Upon finishing Blooming in Broken Places, readers will be armed with the knowledge that God can and will use them right where they are in their life, and they, too, can bloom in their broken places.

Letter from the Author

Debbie@ Hiram (2)I want to tell you a little about my book Blooming in Broken Places, and why I wrote it. Over the years many people have asked me to write my story. It just wasn’t the right time. Last year when I was writing the third book in the Skye Southerland Cozy Mystery Series, I was led to write Blooming in Broken Places.

Even though my life’s journey had some gritty moments, I wanted the book to be encouraging, so I decided to weave my story with those of women from the Bible that God used when they were in their darkest places. After researching, I came away full of encouragement and feeling blessed. I discovered that God frequently used broken women for his glory.

Another thing I have learned through the trials I’ve endured is that God’s timing isn’t always our timing. Just because our goals haven’t been realized doesn’t mean they won’t be – we might have to wait longer than expected, but during that time God can and will use you.

I hope my story, as well as the stories of Miriam, Esther, Rahab and others will encourage you and fill you with hope. My one wish is you will learn that you, too, can bloom in your broken places.


2 thoughts on “New Book: Blooming in Broken Places”

  1. Funny but my name is Deborah Malone too. I want to order your book, God has a significant place in my life too.


    1. Deborah I was going through some of my old messages and saw this on my website. Did I ever reply or send you a book? I have just had a companion workbook published, “Bloom Where You Are.” I would love to hear from you! After all we have the same names:).
      Deborah Malone


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