If You Quit, You Will Never Know What The Future Held For You

Please realize deeply that here is hope for the hopeless. There is help from others who have had similar experiences. When you are passionate about caring for other people, it is one small step to changing more than just your own world, but also the world outside yours.


In Widowhood Friends are Blessings

A good place to start connecting as a widow is at church, possibly a women's Bible study or prayer group. If the group doesn't go out for coffee once in a while, suggest it. I found it's not a good idea to rush in a social whirlwind to start with. However, if a woman friend tries to connect be open to it. Take her phone number and call her. It's easy does it, but do it!


The Christmas Ornaments from Christmas Past

I realized, in that moment, the day my ex-husband left me was not the worst day of my life, as I had thought for the past several decades. It was the best day of my life. All those years, I had blamed myself for the failed marriage. Now I knew Tim never would have been faithful to me. He had left the woman he'd had an affair with while married to me for another woman half his age. As Dr. Mendenhall said, "He has a hole in his heart."