About Bloom in Your Winter Season

Have you ever felt too old to be used by God? Well Deborah and Rita are here to tell you God doesn’t think so! They have developed a blog, “Bloom in Your Winter Season,” just for you. It focuses on women who are in their winter season and how they have continued their ministry in many different aspects. Please check it out and draw encouragement from other seasoned women.


As she walks along the trail, she is engulfed with brilliantly colored leaves. Yellow, red, gold. Fall has arrived, Winer is yet to come.

She stops to rest and sits up a tree that has lost it’s youth. Thoughts swirl through her mind, like the leaves falling around her.

She remembers the springtime of her youth, the grass was green, there were buds on the trees. Everything was new and full of wonderment, just waiting to be discovered.

The sun dances on the fallen leaves, as do thoughts of summer in her memories. The days were carefree and meant to be enjoyed. Yes, she whispers, summer was good.

The seasons have come and gone so quick. Fall is already here, and winter is around the bend. But winter can be a beautiful season. She awaits her winter with anticipation.

by Deborah Malone

Rita Prochazka’s call to short-term mission trips have placed her in many unique places in the world. In the planning stages is a book to be written highlighting those places and people, that she prays will make it into the hands of her family for generations to come. Rita lives in Michigan with her husband, Mark. They are parents to two married daughters and one married son. They are known Papa and Grammy to two granddaughters and two grandsons. Rita is a Bible study teacher and facilitator for a women’s Sunday school class at her church. Her prayer for this blog is to encourage women to seek God’s plan for their winter season, to live it out and to give all the glory to God!

Deborah Malone has a degree in Human Services and worked in the field several years before starting her writing career. She was awarded Georgia Author of the Year 2018 in Inspiration category for her book “Blooming in Broken Places.” She is a member of the Georgia Writers Association, Advanced Writers and Speakers Association, Atlanta Writers Club and the American Christian Fiction Writers. Deborah’s pray for this blog and ministry is that seasoned women will discover God can and will use them in their winter season.