Deborah runs a number of workshops for writers at every level. Whether it is writing in a particular genre, marketing your finished product or getting the confidence to address an audience, there is a workshop designed for you. See the events area on the About page for details of workshops that may be in your area or contact Deborah to find out more and run your own. Below is a list of the five workshops currently available.

1. Nuts & Bolts of Marketing

Okay, you’ve finished your book – now what? The writing world has changed over the past few years. Many authors are self-publishing or publishing with small presses. This means that as an author you will be required to market your books. Don’t panic! Knowledge can keep marketing from being such a scary prospect.
Nuts and Bolts of Marketing will give you tools to put in your marketing toolbox to take out and use when needed. Some of the tools covered by a Power Point presentation are: ways to help you finish your book, writing a marketable book, social media, QR code, promotional material, book launches, speaking engagements, venues, and generating email lists. Come and fill your tool box.

2. Mystery Writing 101

So you want to write a mystery! Mystery Writing 101 covers the ABC’s of writing a mystery. This is a class for those who are writing a mystery or planning on writing a mystery. Mystery Writing 101 is presented with the use of a colorful Power Point presentation. This allows the student to see the information as well as hear it. Along with hearing and seeing the information I give the students time to write down notes so they will be able to look back, for reference, on the information presented.
Topics covered are: What is a Mystery, Characters, Setting, Clues, Point of View, Dialogue, Plotting, Editing and Tying up the Package. I have several handouts to aid the student in retaining the information. One of the handouts is a fill in the blank where the students write down important points presented during the presentation. This is done to help with retention of the information presented. I, also, give examples of the subject being covered by reading from my books, or from well-known authors. At the end of the Power Point presentation I leave time for questions.

3. Christian Fiction Writing 101

In Christian fiction writing 101 Deborah explains what Christian fiction is and what makes up Christian fiction. She also discusses the different genres and ideas on how to get started as well as conflict and tension, plotting, setting, creating characters, point of view and dialogue. And most important – writing with a servant’s heart.

4. Let’s Plot a Mystery

This class consists of two segments. In the first segment Deborah discusses what a mystery is, the seven c’s of fiction, how to get started, setting, plotting, clues, point of view, dialogue, editing and tying up the package. In the second segment the participants will have the opportunity to join together to plot a mystery by the end of the class with the hope they will be inspired to leave with the confidence and knowledge to plot their own mystery.

5. Keynote Speaker (yes you can!)

Using challenges Deborah has experienced in her life, she shows that God is able to use you right where you are in your life. Despite Deborah’s challenges she has been able to write six books published by Lamp Post Publishing, teaches at writer’s conferences as well as speaks to women’s groups. Her main goal is to inspire and encourage those who have not seen their goals met yet. She often says “God’s timing isn’t always our timing, just because it hasn’t happened yet doesn’t mean it won’t happen!”