The Christmas Ornaments from Christmas Past

I realized, in that moment, the day my ex-husband left me was not the worst day of my life, as I had thought for the past several decades. It was the best day of my life. All those years, I had blamed myself for the failed marriage. Now I knew Tim never would have been faithful to me. He had left the woman he'd had an affair with while married to me for another woman half his age. As Dr. Smith said, "He has a hole in his heart."

From Broken to Blooming

The Urging of the Spirit

by Joyce Cordell Do you ever have a time when it seems the Lord urges you to do something specific? I went through such a time. Years ago, I sensed that He placed the word "write" in my mind. Oh, I had written many things - journals, skits, devotions, Bible studies, even a short story… Continue reading The Urging of the Spirit


Life From Ashes (Part Two)

By: Marla Aycock More exciting news surged into our lives the first week of December when Keith received a call from our son-in-law Paul, PJ’s father. He proceeded to tell Keith the events of the previous day concerning Cassidy our granddaughter and her husband, Coleson. “Yesterday, on Sunday, Cassidy had to work, but Coleson, baby… Continue reading Life From Ashes (Part Two)


Season of Silence (Part Two)

By Lori Peters I was so desperately seeking doctors and therapists to heal my son, I never acknowledged my pain, and I stopped seeking the One who truly held my heart, hope and ultimately my healing. David writes in Psalm 69 (NIV), “Save me, O God, for the waters have come up to my neck.… Continue reading Season of Silence (Part Two)