Bloom in Your Winter Season

Interview With Kathi Macias

Questions by Rita Prochazka Kathi can you share some of your testimony with us? I wasn’t raised in a Christian home but always believed in and desired to know God, so I attended several churches throughout the first twenty-five years of my life. I came to believe that Jesus was the Son of God, born… Continue reading Interview With Kathi Macias

Bloom Where You Are

The Christmas Ornaments from Christmas Past

I realized, in that moment, the day my ex-husband left me was not the worst day of my life, as I had thought for the past several decades. It was the best day of my life. All those years, I had blamed myself for the failed marriage. Now I knew Tim never would have been faithful to me. He had left the woman he'd had an affair with while married to me for another woman half his age. As Dr. Smith said, "He has a hole in his heart."

Bloom Where You Are

Grandmother’s Yellow Rose

by June Chapko Roses have been a part of my life since childhood. I remember the delight on my mother's face when she received even a single rose; one I'd carefully plucked from a wild bush on my way home from our little neighborhood library. She would smile, give me a hug and place the… Continue reading Grandmother’s Yellow Rose

Bloom Where You Are

Even With My Flaws God Still Loves Me

by Danita Clark Abel Looking back , I have a clear image of what God was trying to do for me. But on that day, all I could see was despair and uncertainty. Surrounded by packing boxes, I sat on the floor of my master bathroom and slowly moved the contents of my cabinets, into… Continue reading Even With My Flaws God Still Loves Me

Bloom Where You Are

No More Anger: Hope for an Out-of-Control Mom

by Kathy Collard Miller Darcy's training pants were wet again. Again! As I struggled to pull down the soaking pants, I felt a rush of frustration. "Darcy, you're supposed to come in the bathroom and go in the potty chair." As I spanked her with my hand, my tension and tiredness found an outlet. Spanking… Continue reading No More Anger: Hope for an Out-of-Control Mom

Bloom Where You Are

Hope in His Plan

  We have the world at our fingertips, everything we could possibly want or need can be ours with the click of a button. We live an often fast-paced life filled with moments and days where we are fairly sure what will happen. We use the word hope to fit our lifestyle, often carelessly or… Continue reading Hope in His Plan