Bloom in Your Winter Season


Intro for Lei Maier by Rita

It’s Rita in the host chair! Our interview guest today is Lei Maier. When I say this is a special lady, believe me! Lei and I have been friends for almost 40 years. She has blessed my life immensely and I always tell my husband, that Lei is my greatest cheerleader (after him of course). We could fill a book with all the adventures we’ve shared together, the joys and tears, endless laughter and love. Her tender heart and love for her ministry to women will endear her to you. Enjoy getting to know my “sister” in Christ, my “bestie,” Lei Maier. Welcome!

Questions by Rita Prochazka

Can you share some of your testimony?

I was not raised in a Christian home. Though in my high school years we did attend a church, the gospel message was not presented to me. Throughout my college and young adult life I kept searching for something that seemed missing but couldn’t figure out what that was. It wasn’t until the age of 31, as a wife and mother of two boys, that I met Jesus and learned that it was the relationship with Him that filled that void I was trying to fill on my own.

What is your favorite Bible verse?

I will rejoice greatly in the LORD, my soul will exult in God; for He has clothed me in garments of salvation, He has wrapped me with a robe of righteousness, as a bridegroom decks himself with a garland, and as a bride adorns herself with jewels. Isaiah 61:10

Briefly, what are some things you have learned in your walk with God in this season of your life?

I’m not only in the winter season of my life, but also finding myself navigating it as a recent widow. In the past, all major decisions were done as my husband and I consulted each other. In walking this new path, the Lord blessed me with Isaiah 54:5 For your husband is your Maker, whose name is the Lord of hosts; and your Redeemer is the Holy One of Israel, who is called the God of all the earth. In walking this new path of uncertainty, I am continually reminded that I know deep down to my very core that God is always faithful!

Lei, how have you prepared or been prepared for your ministry?

I think the best way to prepare yourself for ministry is to spend time in His Word and in prayer and be totally open to God’s leading on your life and to trust His process in refining you for His purpose. I believe this to be a daily surrender as you seek His presence and filling.

Share a time, recently, that you saw God working in your life, either in your ministry or personally.

It amazes me, although I don’t know why, that God leads me to readings or teachings that are for a specific time for a specific purpose. Each year I choose one devotional book that I focus on all year and the year my husband passed away there were so many lessons dealing with losses. A few months after saying goodbye to my husband I had three friends suddenly suffer the same loss as me. I was enough ahead of them in my processing that they looked to me and through my continual turning to the Lord as I walked my path I was able to encourage them.

Lei, could you chare something about yourself that most people would not know? It can be a fun fact or serious.

A silly, fun fact – as a six-year-old I was in the studio audience of a live airing of Bozo the Clown. I was one of the four kids to compete in a game. We had to eat six saltine crackers and then whistle. The first to whistle won. I beat the three boys I was competing against!

What do you consider your greatest achievement?

I believe my greatest achievement it yet to be realized – when I hear the words, “Well done My good and faithful servant.”

Would your life story make a good movie?

Probably not. I’m sure there are so many more interesting lives that should be documented.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Looking to the Lord for direction and being obedient to His “marching orders.”

What advice would you give to other “seasoned” women on ways to stay active in ministry?

I have learned that growth, continued growth, happens one day at a time. Discipline, intentional routines done on a daily basis, will get you to your goal. It is taking up your cross and taking one step at a time, one day at a time; day after day after day. Who we are or will be at the end of this year will be determined by the little things we do or don’t do each day. Be diligent with how you use your time!

Have you ever felt “too old” to be used by God?

Never! If God calls you, He equips you!

What seasoned woman in the Bible is an inspiration to you?

Abigail inspires me to seek God’s wisdom, to recognize wrong doings and execute a plan to rectify the wrong done in an honorable way.

What are some challenges you’ve had to overcome in this time of your “seasoned” ministry?

God has given me a heart for women with a passion to see them grow in their spiritual walk with the Lord. I love coming along side to encourage them.

Lei thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your nuggets of encouragement with our readers. And Lei loves to hear from her readers. She can be contacted at:; Instagram – leimaier; Facebook: Lei Shroyer Maier

Bio: Lei was born and raised in Michigan, was married 39 years to a husband who loved the Lord, and together raised two sons. She is blessed with a daughter-in-love and two granddaughters. Though she attended church as a teen, she did not become a Christian until she was 31 when she met her Creator/Savior who filled that empty spot she had sought to fill with other things. As a recent widow, she is learning to navigate this new path in life, finding guidance and comfort in God’s Word, His love letter to His people. Her passion is to encourage other women in their spiritual walk with our Lord through Bible studies, small group encounters and special speaking engagements.


  1. I have known Lei for almost 10 years. We have had some fun Adventures together. When she became Widowed, I tried to be there for her. Little did I know or imagine that a year later, Lei would be walking alongside and helping ME, as a New Widow.. . Lei is a Stable, committed Christ Follower and a Loving Friend to many!


  2. So glad you shared. Rita says good things about you and now I see some of the reasons she loves you so much. God bless you as you continue your ministry.

    Liked by 1 person

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