Bloom in Your Winter Season


with Deborah Malone and Rita Prochazka

Intro by Rita

Hello! Our guest today is Bonnie Lentz. Bonnie and I have been friends for a very long time. We met through our Walk to Emmaus reunion group, and this was in 2001. Bonnie loves God and serves Him faithfully in her church. She is a listening ear and prayer warrior for her co-workers. Jesus is at the top of her list of favorites but when she feels the call to ride her motorcycle, she is off! I am blessed to know her and know you will enjoy getting to know her, too. She’s the best! God loves her and so do I!

Welcome my friend, Bonnie!

Questions by Rita Prochazk

Bonnie, can you share some of your testimony?

Yes. I grew up in the church and as most teens, drifted away. I was far, far away. I left home at 19 and went to another state with a “biker.” Did the bar and drug experience to the point of becoming homeless. It was at that point I reached out to some friends that helped dry me out to where I thought I was “clean enough,” to come home. God wooed me back, and on a Saturday afternoon after watching Billy Graham, I surrendered.

What is your favorite Bible verse and why?

Philippians 4:13: I can do all things [which He has called me to do] through Him who strengthens and empowers me. (TAB)

Through all that life has given me with my health, job, family, my divorce, I have gotten my strength through Christ.

What are some things you have learned in your walk with God in this season of your life?

How to listen more and judge less. To enjoy the family and friends I have now and not think/worry about tomorrow. Letting others see what God has done for me, not living in fear, attending church, praying with people openly. He still loves me and is using me in incredible ways.

How have you prepared or been prepared for your ministry?

I was involved with Lay Speaking Ministries for about 20 years. Forty years of prayers by my Grandma McCallum.

Bonnie, can you share a time recently that you saw God work in your life, either in your ministry or personally?

I have a friend from high school that has asked me for a weekend of my time so she can reconnect with God. She has seen how deep my faith has run and she wants that kind of relationship, too.

Will you share something about yourself that most people would not know? It can be a fun fact or serious.

I have no problem being “a Party of One” to go out to eat or travel. I meet and watch people and enjoy my time.

What do you consider your greatest achievement?

Learning to ride a motorcycle!

Would your life story make a good movie?


Where do you see yourself in five years?

Ready to retire and spend time with family that is scattered all over the USA.

Questions by Deborah Malone

What would your advice be to other “seasoned” women on ways to stay active in ministry?

Stay open to new ideas. Keep listening to music and keep praying.

Have you ever felt “too old” to be used by God? What made you decide God could still use you?

My Grandma lived to 94 and always prayed, even though she couldn’t physically do things. I will move and do until I cannot move my body. Then, I will move my lips.

What seasoned woman in the Bible is an inspiration to you?


Tell us a little about your ministry.

I am the unpaid Associate Pastor at a small country church, leading Sunday worship. I am also considered the go to person at my job as an operations manager in public transportation. I pray as led by the Holy Spirit.

What challanges have you had to overcome in this time of your “seasoned” ministry?

Realizing I am getting older, and the days are going quicker, staying organized and remembering.

Bonnie thank you so much for stopping by and sharing a little of your story with us. I know your words will be an encouragement to other “seasoned” women.

Bio: Bonnie started her ministry at the Ruby Community Church. She felt called by God to be active as a Layperson in 1994, blessed with the gift of encouragement and prayer. She became ordained in June of 2017 and currently serves as the Associate Pastor.

Bonnie can be contacted at:


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